The Year Gone By: Gojek's 2022 Recap

Here's a roundup of our blogs you absolutely should read.

The Year Gone By: Gojek's 2022 Recap

By Soujanya Bhat

2022 has been the year we spent building and falling and getting back up and learning. In this maze of a journey, one constant through the years has been our love for documenting what lessons we gathered from it. We open sourced a bunch of stuff this year, we had folks sharing what brought them back to their home country — Indonesia, and we came up with some incredible innovations that directly impact our ecosystem of consumers, driver partners, merchant partners, and GoTroops — who make it all happen. 💚

Here’s a list of handpicked articles, to keep you updated on what’s buzzing in our side of the world:

If you turn into Liam Neeson every time you sense bugs in your projects and go “I will find you and I will kill you”… This blog is what you need today. 🖖

Read on to know how to build and maintain great test suites to minimize the time to find and kill bugs.

It’s Time To Find And Kill Bugs

From sketching Pokemons to redesigning logos at his university, Sugam Anand has always embraced his love for visual design. Today, he manages a team of Product Designers for GoFood.

Read about his journey here. 👇

A Conversation With Sugam Anand

Courier is a long-running persistent connection which enables us to push content from the server to the app. Well… Now you can too. 🥳

This blog details why and how one can start using Courier.

Courier Is Now Open-Source

When our GoTroops started researching how language affects our Design team, it was followed by an intense discussion on how gender coding affects a job applicant’s behaviour.

Read on to know what happened next. 👇

How A Job Ad’s Language Influences Diversity: A Case Study

Decisions we take at Gojek are driven by what our users want, involving analysis of surveys, research, data, social media, etc.

Sunita Venkataraman, Sr. VP & Global Head of Research & Insights, talks about leading the team that champions the voice of the customer. 🤝

(Re)Searching For The Best Path Forward

GoShop enables customers to buy almost anything from anywhere. There was a time when it was so difficult for driver partners to find store locations, it resulted in many incomplete bookings. 🛒

Here’s how one small design change solved it.

How A Small Design Change Uplifted The GoShop Experience

As part of our Three Zeros initiative, we have an ecosystem-wide waste management system, accessibility features on our apps for people with visual & hearing impairments, and more!

These successes are a result of a colossal amount of hard work and persistence by our Sustainability Team. Read about the formation, function, and future of Sustainability at GoTo. ♻️

How GoTo Is Taking ‘Sustainability’ Beyond The Catchphrase

Meteor’ is a plug-in driven framework that extracts metadata from different sources and sinks to any data catalog. Read on to know how Meteor makes metadata collection ✨effortless✨.

Don’t take our word for it. It’s open source, give it a try!

Introducing Meteor, Our Open Source Metadata Collection Framework

What according to you is “happiness at the workplace”? Our DesignOps team set out to find what it meant to our design folks.

What they ended with was a nuanced, data-driven understanding of what made the teams happier. Read on.

Measuring Happiness At Gojek Design

Moving halfway around the world is never easy. But for Ralph Swie Tjhiang Go, this proved to be the very change he needed. Growing up in the Netherlands, our Corporate Recruitment Lead details how his move to Indonesia transformed both his professional and personal lives for the better. 💚

Back To Your Roots: Meet Ralph Swie Tjhiang Go

We’re looking forward to a year full of stuff we can geek out about and feature more GoTroops who have a wealth of life experiences to share. Here’s to an exciting 2023.

Meanwhile, you can check out our entire vault of stories here.