GOJEK’s Impact on Indonesia’s Gig Economy

Creating jobs, improving daily wages, uplifting mom and pop shops — An infographic on GOJEK’s strong roots in Indonesia.

GOJEK’s Impact on Indonesia’s Gig Economy

By Sumanth Raj Urs

If you haven’t heard of GOJEK, we’re a Super App with a suite of products. 18, the last time I checked. We do everything from transportation, food delivery, logistics, payments and even lifestyle services like massages and makeup. We even deliver water cans, serve news and people can read their horoscope too. All in ONE app.

Millions of Indonesians use GOJEK, every single day. And we recently launched in Vietnam and Singapore. Soon, we’ll be in Philippines and Thailand. People love using GOJEK and think of us as an Operating System that powers Indonesia. We want to be the OS for Southeast Asia and empower the digital economy by creating jobs and improving the livelihood of those around us.

If you’re passionate about a cause and a developer waiting to break rules and build the digital economy of Southeast Asia, apply here. Or, check out gojek.jobs.

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If this is fascinating and you want to be part of a company that wants to conquer Southeast Asia, here’s your chance. JOIN US! I can guarantee a trip of a lifetime! Check out gojek.jobs for more.