GO-TROOPS by the numbers

GO-TROOPS by the numbers

By Rayi Noormega

We call the people behind GO-JEK, GO-TROOPS. They are the resilient, fun-loving and passionate learners who work in our offices. Here are the numbers behind our TROOPS!

“I’ve used GO-JEK services on a daily basis, but who are the people behind this?”

Has that question ever popped up in your mind?


1. GO-TROOPS over the last 7 and a half years

We were very pleased when we discovered our employee growth over the last 7 years compares to some of our peers in Silicon Valley. As of June 2018, there are 1894 active GO-TROOPS across Indonesia, India, and Singapore.

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There was an inflection point of employee growth in our 5th year alongside the launch of GO-JEK’s app. Right now, there are currently 60 departments in GO-JEK with 52 regional office branches across Indonesia.

2. The Women Behind GO-JEK

According to our GO-TROOPS numbers, about 31% of GO-JEK’s leaders are women, from Crystal Widjaja our SVP of Business Intelligence and Growth, Monica Oudang, our Chief Human Resource Officer, Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo, our Chief Commercial Expansion, Sam Diah, our VP of Dynamic Culture, and Nila Marita, our Chief of Corporate Affairs.

We are fortunate and proud of our women leaders as they add diversity of thought, enabling greater knowledge sharing and ultimately personal growth (If you want to learn more from them, check out our GO-LEARN videos!)

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We celebrate initiatives that promote women in leadership roles, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). For example, recently, Anbita Nadine Siregar, a Product Engineer at GO-JEK, launched Generation Girl alongside Crystal Widjaja and Vania Alfitri- a non-profit organization providing interactive courses for 12–16-year-old girls to learn about STEM.

Our women engineers have also been vocal about sharing their points of view in tech. Arlinda Juwitasari, one of our Product Managers said, “There are several things to keep in mind if you want to learn tech skills; the first is to hone your logic and the second is to strengthen your curiosity towards the development of tech.”

3. GO-JEK’s Leaders

The average age of our GO-TROOPS is 28 years old, but our youngest is 18 years old while the oldest is 63 years old. In GO-JEK, we believe that while there is no substitute for experience, age is just a number.

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The average age of our leaders is around 30 years old. GO-JEK leaders are full of life lessons as they like to share their insightful stories. Ramda Yanurzha found his calling after he dropped out from one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia while Dian Rosanti understood the real meaning of family when she became the SVP of Product Management in GO-JEK.

4. What Makes Our TROOPS Engage?

According to Gallup Daily, employees who engage are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. We are happy to reveal that from our Employee Experience Survey (2018), 82% of our GO-TROOPS are proud to be a part of GO-JEK and 96% would recommend their friends to work in GO-JEK.

The top 5 reasons to stay in GO-JEK are freedom and flexibility, the opportunity to learn and grow, the GO-JEK brand, the career opportunity and a sense of impact. Part of this is an underlying philosophy mentioned by our SVP of People and Culture, Aristiwidya Bramantika, that, at GO-JEK, “Career is not a ladder, but a jungle gym.”

5. GO-TROOPS by The Countries

GO-JEK celebrates diversity and respects each other as we work together to drive change and create impact. We know that you’ve heard that GO-JEK is expanding regionally, specifically to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines. We are excited about this as GO-JEK’s international expansion will add to our already diverse organization.

GO-JEK welcomes everyone, so long as they carry with them learning agility and a passion for generating impact regardless of their gender, age, personalities, or background.

Diversity in GO-JEK moves beyond the demographic. It’s also the diversity of thinking, strengths, and personalities that shape our culture positively.


We are proud of the progress we’ve made, but are even more committed to improve the areas that we need to do much better in.

Our CEO said:

“At GO-JEK, we are not living for ourselves, but we work to uplift the lives of thousands people out there.” -Nadiem Makarim

Interested to join our dynamic and diverse culture? Find out more and apply here.

*All of the data shown doesn’t include GO-JEK’s sister companies (Midtrans, Spots, Mapan, and Loket)

Illustrations made by Artisa Tumiwa