Easier Payments with GO-PAY

The National Cashless Movement and GO-PAY

Easier Payments with GO-PAY

By Gojek Data Blog

What’s in your wallet now? Cash, credit cards? Or emm… bills?

The Government of Indonesia is encouraging citizens to reduce cash dependencies through the National Cashless Movement. According to data from the Bank of Indonesia in 2015, only 10% of people in Indonesia are using cashless payments. In order to support the program and grow the benefits of a digital society, GO-JEK has created GO-PAY — a cashless payment platform on your GO-JEK application!

According to user research, people prefer using GO-PAY on their GO-JEK application due to the variety of promotions, the removed hassle of fumbling for small change, and its pure ease of use.

Additionally, GO-PAY is a secure, trusted platform with a certified license from the Bank of Indonesia.

GO-PAY is constantly working to enhance your privacy and security — from a fully digitized user identity verification system to PIN verification on every GO-PAY transaction.

Did you know that in October 2017 GO-PAY transactions have contributed 30% of overall e-money transactions in Indonesia? In 2017, GO-JEK was awarded as the most proactive Fintech company to support the National Cashless Movement!. Support the National Cashless Movement with us by using GO-PAY for all of your daily GO-JEK experiences and be a part of something bigger for all of Indonesia.


“Oh no, I ran out of GO-PAY balance!”

Worry not, you can top-up your GO-PAY balance easily through your driver, ATM, SMS/internet/mobile banking from 15 different banks and switching networks such as ATM Bersama, Prima, and Alto. If that isn’t convenient enough, we accept GO-PAY top-ups through all Alfa Group outlets as well. There are over 15,000 outlets you can go to nationwide. All you have to do is hand over cash to your cashier and your GO-PAY balance will be automatically increased.

Because of its simplicity and convenience, the total GO-PAY top-up amount per user increases by 15% on a monthly basis.


GO-PAY transfer is another amazing feature that GO-PAY users can use to simplify their daily lives. Need to pay back a friend? Borrow money? Send GO-PAY to a dear loved one? Now you can transfer money directly from your GO-PAY balance to theirs at no additional cost! You just need to follow these 7 easy steps to do GO-PAY transfer.

Let’s take a look at what people are saying when they submit at GO-PAY transfer.

Most Common Words Found in GO-PAY Transfer Notes

You can even use this feature to send GO-PAY to your relatives who live far, far away. Just take a look at the map below to see GO-PAY movement from Jabodetabek to regions in Indonesia!

GO-PAY Movement from Jabodetabek to Regions (November 2017)

Curious to see more cool features from GO-PAY in the near future? Stay tuned!

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